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Introducing Prophet Boosts

As the first regulated sports betting exchange in the United States, we're here to revolutionize the way you engage with sports betting. And our latest feature, Prophet Boosts, is ready to help turn your bets into surefire wins and well, guaranteed Prophet!

Prophet Boosts provide you with a unique opportunity to capitalize on special boosted markets offered by sportsbooks. We provide the option for you to hedge these boosted prices on our platform by consistently offering the ‘no’ side of the sportsbook’s boosted market. This means you can secure potential profits by taking advantage of the price differences, ensuring a profitable betting experience.

Imagine having the power to lock in your winnings before the game even starts—sounds like magic, right? With Prophet Boosts, it's not only possible but also incredibly simple and rewarding:

Step 1: Check the Daily Prophet Boost Markets

  • Visit Prophet Exchange and check to see which special Prophet Boost markets are available. New markets are available everyday!
  • Have twitter notifications turned on for @ProphetBoosts to be alerted right when the newest Prophet Boost drops!

Step 2: Locate and Place Your Boosted Market

  • Once you've identified a Prophet Boost market, find the boosted market on a traditional sportsbook and place your bet with them.

Step 3: Bet the ‘No’ side with Prophet Boost

  • Return to Prophet Exchange and locate your desired Prophet Boost market. Place a bet on the opposing side of the sportsbook’s odds boost at odds that guarantee a profit.

Step 4: Sit Back, Relax, and Watch the Event Unfold

  • With your bets placed, you’re ready to witness the magic of hedging. Catch the event on your terms – whether you choose to watch it or not, rest assured that your profits are secure, regardless of the outcome.

A Real Life Example of Locking in Profits with Prophet Boost

Let's explore an example to further illustrate how to utilize Prophet Boosts. Suppose a sportsbook is offering ‘Jimmy Butler to score 30+ points and the Heat to win’ at odds of +400.Prophet Exchange will post the same exact market, except also allow you to bet this NOT TO HAPPEN. In this example, the market has been posted and users have the option to bet against ‘Jimmy Butler to score 30+ points and the Heat to win’ at odds of -315.

You can head over to an online hedging calculator and plug in the initial boosted bet odds of +400, and the Prophet Boost hedged odds of -315. If your initial bet was $50 on +400, the calculator will show you placing a bet of $189.76 on Prophet at -315 will lock in a profit of $10.24.

If Jimmy Butler scores 30+ points and the Heat win
At the sportsbook: Your profit would be ($50 * 4) = $200.

On Prophet Exchange: You would lose the $189.76 hedge bet.
Net profit: $200 - $189.76 = $10.24.

If Jimmy Butler does not score 30+ points or the Heat lose
At the sportsbook: You would lose the $50 bet.

On Prophet Exchange: Your profit would be $189.76 * (100/315) = $60.24
Net profit: $60.24 - $50 = $10.24.

By strategically hedging your bets with the calculated stake, you effectively minimize your risk and lock in a potential profit of $10.24 in both outcomes, ensuring an equal profit regardless of the outcome. This showcases the power of hedging when utilizing Prophet Boosts on Prophet Exchange. Discover new Prophet Boosts markets added daily, providing the opportunity to obtain guaranteed profit every day with little effort.

Prophet Boosts

The Cherry on Top: Commission-Free Prophet Boosts Until October 31, 2023

Want more incentive? All Prophet Boosts will be commission-free until October 31, 2023! That's right—no commission means more money in your pocket. It's our way of saying thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.

Head over to Prophet Exchange today to explore the exciting Prophet Boost Markets. Seize the opportunity to hedge boosted sportsbook odds, and let your winnings skyrocket!
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