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How do you use a betting exchange?

How to place a Bet?

When you click into an event, you will see the moneyline, spread, and total markets and all existing wagers available for you to match. Prophet Exchange will show you the best odds and lines currently available to be matched. To place a bet, simply select the line or odds you want to bet on and place your bet!

How to place a Bet
What is Liquidity?

What is Liquidity?

Underneath each market, you will see how much existing liquidity is available on each line. The liquidity will show you the maximum amount available for you to place and get matched immediately.

How do you request Better Odds?

How do you request Better Odds? Want to request a better odds than what is available? Simply click the team you want to bet on and adjust the odds to what you want. Place the bet and watch the inverse of your bet appear, this will be displayed for other users to match you on! Check back in your My Bets to see if your wager was matched. You can cancel unmatched wagers at any time in ‘My Bets’ or on the event page within the betslip.

How do you request Better Odds?
What are partially matched bets?

What are partially matched bets?

When you request a new line or better odds, the inverse of your wager will be posted for other users to match. One key benefit of the exchange is that you don’t need someone to agree to match the entire wager - they can match a portion of your wager!

For example, if you place $100 on the Cavaliers spread (vs. Magic) at -11, another user can choose to match $50 on the Magic at +11. Your $100 wager is now partially matched and the $50 is available for another user to match. You can see the status of your wager in ‘My Bets’.

If you want to place a wager larger than what is available - place the wager for your desired amount. Your wager will be partially matched immediately with the existing liquidity. The rest of your wager will be posted for others users to match. The unmatched portion of your wager can be canceled at any time on the My Bets page or in the event.

What does it mean when it says 'Request' on market?

Betting exchanges are not like sportsbooks, as exchanges do not set the odds for users to bet on. Instead, exchanges rely on users to set the odds. When a new market is posted you might see a market prompting you to ‘request’ a bet. This means there is no liquidity on the market - if you request a bet, your bet will be posted for another user to match.

Request on market?

What do I need to know about Betting Exchanges?

Product Features and Benefits

  • Your Own Odds
    You can request your bet at chosen odds on moneyline markets.

  • Better Moneyline Odds
    Instead of your traditional sportsbook moneyline odds of -150 and +120, Prophet Exchange will offer close to -134 and +132.

  • Best Execution
    Prophet Exchange will automatically fulfill wagers at the most advantageous odds available. For example, if you bet -130 but -120 is available, we will issue your bet at - 120. The same goes for spread & totals.

  • FIFO
    First in first out is a unique feature that makes sure everyone is on the same playing field. No matter who you are, bets will be matched in the order that they are received.

Bet Statuses

Bets have three statuses on an exchange, which is completely atypical from a sportsbook:

  • Fully Matched Your bet has been matched against another user and is locked in.

  • Partially Matched Part of your bet is matched, while a portion of it remains outstanding, which is what we call an unmatched bet.

  • Unmatched Your bet has not been matched and is still available for another player to take. You can cancel unmatched bets at any time.

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