The first US peer-to-peer sports betting exchange.
Now live in New Jersey

Prophet Exchange is a peer-to-peer sports betting exchange where users can set prices for others to bet on, or place bets on the prices already available. This gives users the best odds and separates us from traditional sportsbooks.

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Key Features

Better prices

Prophet taking no risk and solely focusing on creating the best peer-to-peer betting community means better odds for you.

Request your own odds

Don't see the price you like available? Simply offer a better one!

No Limiting

Win or lose, everyone is welcome at Prophet.

Dedicated Support

Our friendly support team will give impartial and professional support on anything related to the Prophet Exchange platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tired of seeing -110 odds (or worse)? Tired of being limited on the bets you can place at traditional sportsbooks? We are too! Prophet Exchange allows you to be the bettor or the oddsmaker. You can either set your own line or price for other people to place wagers on. This is called REQUEST. Or, you can place a wager on an already existing line or price created by someone else. This allows for better pricing vs traditional sportsbooks. Oh and forgot to mention, we love winners! When using a traditional sportsbook(s) you are betting against the house. Here at Prophet Exchange, you are betting against others.

1. Complete registration
2. Make a deposit
3. Find the market you want to bet on
4. Determine what type of bettor you want to be and place wager
* Request a bet at a line or price that you set for others to wager on
* Select a market that already has liquidity and bet at that line or price

If you decide to be the oddsmaker and request a line or price but your offering does not get matched by someone else, your wager will then become lapsed. When your wager is lapsed you will get you money back into your account.

Online Banking via Trustly, Wire Transfer, and Cash at Counter via our casino partner Harrah's Resort in Atlantic City. For more detail on our current deposit and withdraw methods, login to your Prophet Exchange account. We are always looking to add payment methods, let us know what you're looking for!

Think of Prophet Exchange as you would your local bar or restaurant. We pride ourselves in having great relationships with all of our customers. Once Prophet Exchange launches in New Jersey, we will be offering customer support via live chat, email, social platforms, and over the phone. In the meantime, please visit our Contact page to get in touch or shoot us a message at and a member of our team will get back to you shortly.