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Who are we?

Prophet Exchange is the first licensed and regulated U.S. Sports Betting Exchange. Prophet Exchange is currently operating in New Jersey offering its peer-to-peer sports betting platform to users within the State. Prophet Exchange's platform allows users to set prices for other users to bet on, or place bets on the prices already available. Peer-to-Peer betting gives users the best odds available and is what separates us from the traditional sportsbook.

Why be an ambassador?

You are passionate about sports betting and you want to promote the first sports betting company that is for the winners! Unlike a sports book, we welcome winners and we don’t make money on people losing. Users have the ability to request their own odds and their own bets. Unlike traditional sportsbooks, Prophet does not take on risk, and therefore, users are consistently able to bet at better prices than anywhere else in New Jersey.

What will the ambassador experience bring you?

Entrepreneurship - You’ll have complete autonomy as to how you choose to market with our product (within legal guidelines).

Promotional Gift Cards - Whether you are a bettor or not, everyone needs cash flow. Every sign up will earn you $20 in e-gift cards and if you influence someone to deposit on the spot, we’ll double that! Plus there will be monthly competitions resulting in cash prizes, Giants/Jets tickets, apparel and the opportunity to score a paid summer internship at Prophet for summer 2023.

Network - Being a brand ambassador will give you the opportunity to: talk to tons of people about a cool new product, open doors about sports, betting and entrepreneurship. Nevermind that, you’ll have the Prophet Exchange CEO, COO and marketing team behind you all the way.

Territory - We will be selecting no more than a maximum of 3 ambassadors per territory which means you have an opportunity to stake your claim. Whether that means establishing special events in your area, hitting the streets at your local bars or establishing your own go-to-market strategy, you have a chance to bring an unforgettable brand experience to your territory.



Be a Prophet Brand Ambassador

Talk, post and breath all things Prophet Exchange related.


Sign people up

Acquire customers by signing people up to the platform and securing deposits on the platform.



Teach people how to maximize their experience on the platform.


Have Fun

Engage in healthy competition around something you love and have fun doing it.

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